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About Quartz Composer

Quartz Composer is an application or a creative tool
especially adapted to visualization provided by apple computer.
It’s based on Open GL that a kind of programing language and similar to max/msp or puredata those are also applications of object-oriented programming. QC enable user to combine javascript, VDMX and even more audio application such an Ableton live using osc connecting. Unfortunately , it’s almost out of supports after appearance of OS10.9. People like start to work with other applications for example vuo, but my QC still working on mac OS10.10 having some problem.
You can find my compositions here. Youtube

Generative art with QC

It’s an experiment of generative composition using Quartz Composer.
I tried to draw lines as if it were drawn with a pencil doubling many times that I learned from the book ‘Generative Art’ by Matt Pearson.
I learned some techniques for example not to clear the drawing. After I learned WebGL, I knew this technique in detail.

Generative art with QC-2

This is another approach of drawing using feedback and popular perlin noise.
You can learn feedback from tutorial on Youtube and so on searching keywords.
To feedback I used accumulator patch.

Generative art with QC-3

I tried to draw some complex lines using Line family and also feedback.
I use motion effect, lighting , blur so that it seems like a 3D field.